Welcome to the first of many parts dedicated to Brecon Beacon National Park.

There are way too many things we've seen or taken photographs of while exploring this beautiful location to include all of that in one post!

Boys in Bristol

Wild Welsh Mountain Ponies

We've decided to start with a significant part of wildlife around Brecon Beacon - Wild Welsh Mountain Ponies! We were so surprised to see many ponies freely running on the hills of the national park! It felt like a scene from the movie - two friends driven by their passion for photography in the search of finding new places to explore and photograph surrounded by beautiful landscapes and what it felt like magical creatures!

Covering around 500 square miles Brecon Beacon seems to be a perfect place for ponies to strive on what land spaces can offer.

This semi-wild breed goes back 3.000 years and they are local residents of the Brecon Beacons that were occupying this region before Roman times.

Being exposed to all the weather and natural factors Welsh Mountain Ponies are harder than they look!

They are short and strong, which helps in life among the rocks and crags of the Welsh mountains.

Taking photographs of such majestic animals was nothing less than pure joy! Growing up in the city escapes to places like this were almost impossible.

Being able to spend a day in their natural habitat was for us something special - this kind of special feeling we wanted to keep forever by capturing them in the frame.

While visiting the park we would of walk for miles traveling behind the ponies in a safe distance to do not disturb them. It was important to us to make sure they do not feel threatened by our presence. At one point we were accepted by the group. They allowed us to come closer, young ponies became more confident and all of them seemed to be more relaxed.

The National Park had such a big impact on us that we have decided to visit Brecon Beacon again and again...