Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve

A hidden gem nestled in the heart of the English countryside! Located just a short distance from Bristol, this beautiful nature reserve is home to a stunning array of wildlife, including kingfishers, otters, and a variety of bird species. If you're a nature lover, an avid birdwatcher, or someone seeking a tranquil retreat from the fast-paced city life, Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve is the ideal destination for you to explore. Join us on our journey of discovery and explore the beauty of this hidden oasis in the heart of England.

Citizen Science Sundays "BioBlitz" - is a fun and exciting way for nature lovers of all ages to explore and document the amazing diversity of plants, animals, and other organisms in their local area. By participating in this collaborative event, you'll get to use your smartphone or other devices to take pictures and record observations of the different species you encounter, all while contributing to important scientific research and conservation efforts. It's a great opportunity to learn more about your local environment, meets like-minded people, and make a real difference in the world.